Thank You for partnering with us!

Dear Bais Dovid Partner

Thank you so much for partnering with Bais Dovid Cleveland and helping us ensure continued success and growth. Your monthly commitment is the bedrock for stability of the minyan. More importantly, we are so glad to simply be a part of your community and extended family. We eagerly look forward to the coming weeks and months of continued growth!

Please make sure to sign up for our email notification system on our website Moreover, please fill out this google form so that we will have you and your family’s contacts, birthdays, names etc. the form can be found at:

Your monthly contribution is tax deductible as a donation to a house of worship, and, of course, it counts towards your ma’aser. Thank you again for partnering with us and may we merit to do more and more mitzvos and realize the coming of Moshiach speedily in our day!

Bais Dovid Cleveland

23314 E Groveland, Beachwood OH 44112

EIN: 84-4544875

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