As much as we wish it were otherwise, this minyan cannot thrive and grow without the financial support and partnership from our members. We are hoping that each family will be able to commit to a monthly contribution.

Membership is $100 per month for a family. If you are unable to commit to $100 per month, please contact us. Whether you can give more or less, all monthly memberships are crucial to the minyan and we are extremely grateful for the assistance.

Membership dues entitle a family to High Holiday seats (One man and woman), voting rights within the shul, and access to the shuls financial information. Our overriding principle with our contributions is transparency. We are committed to making all shul financials other than specific salaries available to members.

Your membership fees count towards your Ma’aser and are also tax-deductible as a contribution to a house of worship. We look forward to partnering with you and your family! Please select the box “Make this a monthly donation” When checking out.

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